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Latest Updates

18 Oct 2018

New static screeners for PTSD and suicidal thoughts and behaviours

We have added the latest versions of the PTSD and Suicidal thoughts and behaviours static screeners. The manuscripts describing the development and testing of these screeners are currently in preparation. 

11 Sep 2018

New Interactive PDFs added

We now have interactive PDFs available to help with online and computerized assessment. Printable PDFs for pen-and-paper are still available. 

03 Jun 2018

New common metric cross-walk tables for Social Anxiety Disorder

Cross-walk tables used to convert scores from widely-used legacy measures of Social Anxiety Disorder to a common metric based on the SAD Item bank are now available to download and use. 

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Recent Publications


Calear, A. L., Batterham, P. J., Sunderland, M. Carragher, N. Development and validation of static and adaptive screeners to assess suicidal thoughts and behavior. Suicide and life-threatening behavior, in press. 


Visontay, R., Sunderland, M., Grisham, J., Slade, T. Content overlap between youth OCD scales: Heterogeneity among symptoms probed and implications. Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Conditions, in press. 



Sunderland, M., Batterham, P. J., Calear, A., Carragher, N., Baillie, A., Slade, T. (2018). High agreement was obtained across scores from multiple social anxiety disorder scales using item response theory. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 99, 132-143.. 

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